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Why are You Here?

Because every one of us wants to be invaluable. We were made for it, but there is a great divide that exists between what the world claims you need to do to become invaluable, and what God actually says about it.

Because whether we like it or not, work is where most people experience us, and the world needs to encounter us at our best.

Because no matter what your career is, white collar, blue collar or no collar, there are four great relationships we must master to become invaluable.

  1. You & God
  2. You & Others
  3. You & Money
  4. You & Work

How you approach and manage these great relationships can indeed make you invaluable – or insignificant – and that, my friends, is totally up to you.

Because everyone needs encouragement to keep fighting the good fight.  Nice guys and gals don’t have to finish last.  In fact they can, and should, lead!

And finally, because I wanted there to be a place that helps you direct your thoughts, clarify your purpose and define your priorities in this life.  If I do my job well, you will be pointed in the direction of greatness. That’s where God is and He wants us to follow His lead.

The world offers you comfort, but you were not made for comfort.  You were made for greatness.    – Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Catholic, Non-Catholic, or Other

Whatever faith you represent – I need you.

You will notice that I reference my Catholic faith often in my writing.  That’s because I always follow the first commandment of writing: write what you know!

Apparently sticking to the rules works because I have a lot of non-Catholics that read my stuff and like it anyway.

So regardless of denomination, if you’re Lutheran, Methodist, Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian, etc., I need you!

If you consider yourself Reformed, Orthodox, Evangelical or Bible based, I need you!

If you are one of the many today who check the box labeled None of the Above, one of the “Nones”, and are looking to make some sense of everything, I need you!

If you represent another faith tradition all together, Welcome.  I need you too!

I need you to share with your family, friends and coworkers whatever you find of value here.

Put what you find here into your own words and show it with your own actions.  Your circles will benefit and they will thank you for it.  And you can take the credit.


What Will You Find?

How to use this site: New articles are published each month, intended to help you address those four great relationships and take whatever next steps you need to improve them.

When you find something here that really speaks to you, please share it with family, friends and loved ones (and those you feel called to help).  Sign up below for the posts to be delivered to you when published and email your feedback on what you like and want to see.

My Non-Fiction focuses on how to use the eternal wisdom of scripture to improve your life, work and relationships.

My Fiction highlights how powerful each and every person’s story can be.

What’s coming: this blog is the meeting place, the hub, for the articles and books I’ve written so far.  Behind the scenes, I’m creating things like:

  • Self-paced courses to help you master those four great relationships in your life.
  • The CMB podcast and YouTube channel!
  • More and more books!  To quote bestselling author Matthew Kelly,

“So many books to write, so little life.”   Matthew Kelly

Stay tuned for the details as things develop by joining my confidential Reader’s Group below, and receive an advanced FREE copy of “12 Ways”.  I’ll also email each new article to you (and other FREE stuff!).  AND I’ll always protect your info because I dislike spam as much as you.


Comments and Community:  JCC Be Nice IMG_3348

The only rule regarding the comments below each post is THOU SHALT BE NICE!  The web is full of places where people can vent, criticize and chastise each other – but this aint one of them.

The people that read regularly here are like you and me.  We are a loose but interconnected community and this a place of encouragement.

Only comment if you have something positive to say – or something to benefit your fellow readers.  If you have other stuff you need to get off your chest, email me.

Thanks in advance and again, Welcome!  Unsplash Community william-white-34988

Photo Credits: Unsplash logo 1509977328564

Almost all the images you will find here come from an amazing website called!  All the images from their ever expanding library are available for free download.  Most of the photographers that upload content on Unsplash are phenomenal.  Check them out!  Occasionally I’ll use one of my own photos but really prefer to borrow from the pros.


On Advertising and Sponsorship:

I have chosen to skip ads on CMB.  I want to only serve up the insights and encouragement you show up for, not a bunch of commercial messages that slow the download times and interrupt the flow of the articles.

My goal is to keep CMB true to its mission and uncluttered.

That said, when you choose to purchase one of my books or courses, know you will directly impact and aid CMB online. Your support is what keeps things up and running. Thank you!

In the future, I will utilize sponsors for the printing of my books, so I can distribute more copies at no charge!


On Tithing:

CMB is and always will be a tithing entity.  Ten cents of every dollar generated goes right to church and charity.  The bigger it grows, the more good can be done!

Giving truly is the most fun you can ever have with money!

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